Adamant Ametyst

A scholar of many, many a enlightened journey.


Future pet project

Strength ●●●oo Charisma ●●●●o Perception ●●ooo
Dexterity ●●●oo Manipulation ●●ooo Intelligence ●●●●o
Stamina ●●●oo Appearance ●●ooo Wits ●●●●o
Archery ●●●●o Athletics ooooo Awareness ●●ooo
Brawl ooooo Bureaucracy ●●●oo Craft ●●●oo Dodge ●●ooo
Investigation ●●●oo Integrity ●●●oo Larceny ooooo
Linguistics ●●●●o Lore ●●●oo Medicine ●●●●o
Melee ooooo Occult ●●●●● Performance ooooo
Presence ooooo Resistance ●oooo Ride ooooo
Sail ooooo Socialize ●●●●o Stealth ooooo
Survival ●●●●o Thrown ●●ooo War ooooo
Other Abilities Specialities Languages
Martial Arts: Skill Speciality Native Language:
None ooooo Lore Creatures Fire tongue -
Craft: Alchemy Linguistics Fagliteratur Other Tongues Known:
- ●●●oo Archery Handcrossbow High realm -
Survival Handle animals Low realm -
Occult Bindings Dragontongue -
Lore Demons - -



Anima Effects:
Essence: ●●ooo
Personal: 16
Peripheral: 40
Committed: 0

Other Stuff

Magical Gear

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