The Stories of the Heroes of Sea & salt

Book 1 - The Pits of the Sorcerer-King
Under the gaze of watchful eyes from the emphyreal beyond, four souls find themselves in the claws of a vile Sorcerer, who styles himself to be the King-of-Kings, Ras Ozymandias.
However, something stirs within them. A call, from ages past…

Story 1 - In where the heroes meet and forms their bonds.

Story 2 - In where calamity strikes, and secrets are revealed

Story 3 - In where the rebellion is lit ablaze!

Book 2 - The Journey of the Forgotten
Four Chosen of the Sun have found themselves away from everything they know. Seeking purpose in life, they set out on a journey towards the distant shores of home, along the way encountering the plethora of creatures and people in Creation.

Story 1 - In where the new-found freedom is tested by old and new enemies

Story 2 - In where the heroes learn that they have a part to play

Story 3 - In where ancient lore once more sees the light of day.

Story 4 - In where a deal is made and a kingdom is liberated.

Story 5 - In where fateful decisions are made and a legend returns to Creation

Book 3 - A Return
The heroes finally make their way back to the mainland. And though they now feel hunted by every foe they've acquired, they stay a step ahead.

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