Zhulaa Yane Arian

As a son of pair of astrologers, Arian was expected to have the world at his feet in the Varangian City States. However, to his parents dismay, his horoscope placed him not among nobles or astrologers, but as one of the courtesans that Yane had been renowned for. And so, he was draped in blue cloth after birth, and sent to be raised among those of knew the arts of pleasure.
He excelled as he grew. Thousands of verses, ceremonies and song were taught to him from the day he could read.
When he turned twelve, he attended to sultans and sultanas.
When fourteen, his voice was what woke the great satrap of Yane from his slumber each morning. In fact, his predicted rise to success was so great, that certain older courtesans decided to rid themselves of a future rival.
Thus, he ended here.

  • Making people feel good
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