Erymanthoi - The Blood Apes

The Bloodapes in service to Ras Ozymandias are as such creatures are wont to be.
Fierce, savage and yet absolutely not to be underestimated.

Especially when dealing with one of them in particular.
An older being, known as Aladh.

Entry from the Kitāb al Ghul
Erymanthoi are the favored demons of summoners all over Creation. When they are summoned it is usually for battle, and nothing pleases a Blood-Ape more than the blood of its slain foes. Erymanthoi often put up only a token resistance to being bound, and they serve willingly for the terms of their summoning. In the demon realm, they serve as foot soldiers in the armies of the Demon Princes or as guardians to small temples and entertainment halls.
The erymanthoi resemble hulking apes with dull red fur and horny bone protrusions along their back and on the crests of their heads. They have long, grooved black claws that puncture flesh to let blood flow over their gnarled fingers. They are of low, animal intelligence, but they have a cruel sort of cunning and are quite adept at martial combat. The erymanthoi cherish fresh, hot blood and become surly and recalcitrant if they are not allowed at least some blood after every battle.
The erymanthoi are the most prone of all demons to material form. Even when they are dematerialized in Creation, physical manifestations of their presence occur. Sometimes, it the fetid smell of their blood-caked bodies or, other times, a ghostly afterimage of where they have passed or even wilted ground plants where they have stepped. Erymanthoi dematerialize only when ordered to do so, and they will return to a material form at the earliest opportunity.
Erymanthoi may find their way out of the demon realm by listening for the sound of the last drop of blood of a mortal species of creature falling to the earth.

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