The Trader's Tale - Session 5.5
  • Vemo enacts his organization projects. Bribing, trading and so.
  • He travels to meet with the Nighingales, the chthon-traders from Western Pit.
  • Their leader, Wache Bo, is a crazy barber-surgeon, but they come to a deal.
  • A young man with a familial connection to the Nightingale's second-in-command has run away from the palace, as he's a servant to the king's court.
  • Eager to learn of a hidden entrace to palace, Vemo and his guards, Izo & Raknar, offers to quietly sneak him back into the palace.
  • However, they meet with Karatas ap Esha, the bodyguard of Ras along with a demonic looking creature, that breaks Vemo's shoulder and slings him into a misty chasm, seemingly to his death.
  • But, Vemo is saved by a red-eyed youth, claiming to have a interest in his survival, but leaves him at the bottom of the caverns, to fend for himself.
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