Might of the Sorcerer-King - Session 6
  • The Beast of Sand rose from the desert. And Ras Ozymandias turned it away by the might. Or so it would seem to his worshippers.
  • Feasts are enacted to celebrate the victory of the King.
  • Bell is still adjusting to being the Saint. But she encounters a young flutist who she thought to be no one special, but they spoke of the necessity of war. And the courage they would need to fight for what was right.
  • Horizon and Passion discuss the King, his power, it's source and the coming revolution. How far could they go? (Passion: "We do what we must" - Mask of a Discompassionate Man)
  • Passion floods the Tunnel Market with weapons from the defeated Razor Hounds' stores, trying to give Typhoon Ox his fill of troubles.
  • Morning table talks is broken off by the Arrival of Izo and Raknar.Battered and bleeding. Alongside them is a young man, who seems to be a courtesan. Arian works in the palace as a bed-servant for Ras' son, Saladin ap Ras. Vemo is gone. Maybe alive.
  • Horizon is pissed when he discover his father has been trapped. He mets Nala, and his mood improves.
  • Arian is enrolled in the war. Passion negotiate with Nala as she wants to return the boy to his masters. She is allowed, but allies herself with the Disciples and commences to drug the Blind One to allow the revolution to employ his goods.
  • They prepare to set out to find Vemo
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