Grains of Sands - Session 07

Flashback (Ras vs Ambrus)

  • Six months ago…
  • A Sorcerous battle is a measure of layer of tricks.
    • Ambrus is on the heels as he realizes the extend of the Pasha-al-Pasha
    • Lightning Blasts. All in attendance dies.
    • Air Blasts - Smoke & Mirrors - Knots are untied and tied.
    • Illusions and False Lives.
    • Demons die as they appears, as silvery symbols burn out and sends them to hell.
    • Stands in pockets of warped perceptions.
  • Ras tricks Ambrus to look into the Mirror.
  • (Flashforward to a pleased Ras gazing upon the trapped enemy)
  • Someone offscreen tells Ras of Ambrus' son being present in the Pits.

Annoyed, the sorcerer-king orders him detained. Scarab overhears from beyond a niche.

The Search

  • Meeting Wache Bo, the Barber.
  • He agrees to help them find Master Gemheart.
  • The Seeker (Crazy old man with glowing eyes) - Knows the Deep and how to avoid the dead ones in the place.
  • The Academy of Flesh-Ending
  • Hunted by the Demon
  • The Mummified Banquet
    • Fighting the Demon
    • Ironwood Armors and Blades
    • Ruins of the Ashavata
  • Revolutionary Meeting - in the Nightingale Inn
    • Pro: Carrion Crows, Nightingales, Dagger Disciples
    • Con: Scorpions, White Pack, Scared Ones, Sagacious Builders, The Proper Brethren
    • ???: Bloodbrewers, Cobblestone Corsairs, Howling Hounds, Blackened Baronets.
      • RUMORS: Mehmet is preparing the best gladiators. Rumour has it that Mnemon Halek is on his way to enjoy some bloodsport.
  • Jadetooth Ozai has the North on lockdown due to Lady Sphinx's hunting.
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