The Clouds of Thunder

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Clouds of thunder

  • The departure of Horai
  • Josei and Scarab leaves for their own lands
  • Arian, Jot, Nala, Izo and Raknar remains as a part of the Dagger Disciples.
  • Raknar is washed overboard one morning. The crew sets their course for pursuit
  • Brother Red Dog and his crew fishes Raknar from the water.
    • stormwind rider boarding
    • Vemo kicks ass
  • The players have time to talk and regale of stories
  • Vemo talks of the young scribe who saved him twice
  • It's only barely that they manages to brave the storm, and finds a sandy beach to go ashore.
  • The circle finds the old villa, use it for shelter
  • And surprise! Come nightfall, the villa return to past glory
  • It belonged to Augustine Amethyst, the Grand Admiral of the Solar Deliberative
  • Bell's previous life
  • they find things from a previous world
  • Maps and charts
  • A statue
  • And… the Savior of Vemo appears to have a chat. He is the musician as well.
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