C2e10 Sunlight
  • Departure
  • Talk on the ship about the nature of their destination
  • Distrust between the crew
  • Bell uses the Amulet
  • Arrival
  • Inspection by war canoes
  • Talking with people on the Gathan shores
  • The Gathans are controlled in the Kinlines.
    • Scyllae - Tree, Ships and Rites of Forest and Sea
    • Ajaxes - Metal, Smithing, Rites of Metl and Fire
    • Oka - Rite of Beasts
    • Khidox - Rite of Order, Artisans and Bureaucraats
    • Theba - Rite of Growth, Fruits
  • Passion makes a circus and wants to makes them have fun again
    • Izo and Bell is the entertainments
  • Horizon decides to investigate the lack of spiritual Guardian Spirit in the shrine of the patron god of Gath, The Redoak King.
  • He finds goddamn demons! A Demon Brownie and a goddamn Bisclavet.
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