C2e11 Temples

The group tries their separate approaches to figure out what the hell is wrong with Gath.

  • Horizon brings Bell, Nala and Ragnar with him to find the Guardian Spirit at the center of the island. But, in an immense wooden palace, they find nothing but traces of combat.
  • Vemo and Passion attempts to barter their way inside, but to no avail, as someone keeps them from gaining an audience. Well.written propaganda is swiftly put up, and they send Jot to find the rest of the Circle.
  • Passion tries to rouse the people, and kinda off succeeds as he forces the people into conflict with one another.
  • The group reconvenes, and heads for the palace, staring down the lord commander of the palace guard. He tries to remain stalwart, but the Solar makes a compelling case.

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