C2e12 Fighting

The Solar Circle throw down against the foul manipulators who have claimed the courts of the Gathan Isles.


  • Horizon fights against Karatas, who is the bodyguard of the King.
  • She puts up a good fight
  • Vemo finds Black Goat who have manipulated the king. And punches him.
    • Vemo is poisoned by a cute kitty.
  • Bell forces a bunch of demons out in the open. Right up in her face. And she goes full on feral crazy on them.
    • Iris straight out massacres one of the demons, before it can even make a move.
  • Passion finds a demon summoner. A puts arrows in him.


  • The Wordsmith have manipulated Gath, to unseal a thing in the basement.
  • He is on Dun Torca, and is slowly unravelling the societies of the Siren Chains.
  • Black Goat seduced the king, and allowed his master to destroy the local god.

The Black Goat - Demon-blooded Manipulator
Karatas ap Esha - Demonblooded Bodyguard

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