C2e15 - Death

“A fallen beloved causes a rift in Vermillion Horizon’s mind.
The fate of a foe turns Bell and Passion against each other, as they finally delve into what they are supposed to be.
The man with a gem for a heart learns how far he’s willing to go.”

- The Execution
- Nala’s death and Black Exaltation
- “I will not die. I love him. I accept.”
- Feelings
- Bell is confronted by Passion
- Passion admits what he is.
- Bell is put in a very difficult position wheter it was vengence or justice.
- Passion asks her to learn him to kill only when neccesary.
- Bell comforts Jot
- Horizon tries to comfort “Nala”
- She doesn’t have a name anymore.
- But she loves him. That’s the only certainty.
- Passion gives Arian a offer.
- Arian is even more like a weapon now.
- Karatas have a moment with Vemo
- Vemo talks with Passion and Bell about how far he’d go for the people he loves.
- The day after, the group escapes with the ship, sailing through the earth and the streets of Dun Torca,
- Reconvening with Raknar and Izo.
- They’ve lead the kids towards glory, now a few of them stays and signs up with the crew.
- Finally, the group leaves the Siren Chains, bound for Vemo’s home.
- Ten Paths shows up, gives Bell both advice and warning, swearing that he’ll protect his old captain with everything he holds dear.

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