Every hero needs someone or something to fight for. And every epic needs those who recount the tales.
These are the ones who follow in the wake of great heroes.

Along with the Immortals of Sea and Salt, there are several companions who have come along on their journey.

All of these were fellow inhabitants of the Pits of Horai.

People have many differing views on each other. The companions are no exception.


RELATION Nala Jot Izo Raknar Arian
Viridian Bell Careful Trust Bell is a hero and a friend Respect Friendship! Debt to a friend
Gentle Passion Amusement Brother Unsure Respect Wary
Vemo Respect Friend Grudging Respect Friend! Impressed
Vermillion Horizon He's cute Weird but friendly Unsure Buddy! Cautious
Nala X Teacher A bit slow Urgh… Sympathy
Jot She'll grow up soon enough X Affection He is funny I'm taking care of him
Izo Distrust Awe X I owe him Scared/Impressed
Raknar *snicker* He is funny Totally worth the risk X Admiration
Arian Sympathy I'm taking care of him He's too demure If only he was a girl X
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