Construction Site

Stone upon stone. Rocks upon a plethora of rocks.
Hewn from the very foundation of the world, the great hunks of sandstone are placed by the hands of thousands of weary builders under the sweltering sun.
A testament to the ingenious nature of the architects, the techniques employed are not merely the muscle-driven toil known to most states, but a lot of them have begun employing construction techniques pioneered by the Realm.
To that end, most builders avoid working themselves to an early grave in a fortnight. The work is still hard, and the sun is unforgiving, but the builders stand a chance of actually returning to their homes after a days work.
Any builder is fed on the site, with the concoction known as heqet, or, as most non-southerners know it as, liquid bread. To anyone not in the know, this milky beer smells of yeast and rotten wheat, but to a builder, it is what keeps them fed during the day.

Most builders, if they cannot handle the stressful work, chew the leaves of the qaro plant, a small unassuming weed, but when chewed, the juices grant the gift of numbness and mental distance while keeping the body active. Not quite as potent as the famed mete leaves of the distant east, the qaro plant is a valued commodity among the builders.

The biggest issue is often either Pit-issues brought onto the site or shoddy equipment.
No equipment is just passed to you when attending.
If you want to get paid, you do the work needed. Tools or no tools. But the tools manufactured in the Pits are not especially well made, and thus accidents are plentiful.

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