Chapter 1 - Sidestory 1 - A Celestial Bet

On the Firmament, between the stars, two lone figures walk along the nocturne paths, gazing upon creation above them.
One, a GOLDEN FIGURE has her doubts about the future that they are facing. And bemoans the endless age of toil and strife that now have gripped the world.
Without a leader, the Wonder of Shape and Order will be swept away, not by their enemies, but by the ruthless nature of mankind itself.

The other, a SILVER FIGURE, only smiles, and says that there is still hope to be found among the hearts of the humans. Indeed, the greatest Fates and souls have yet to play their part, and what had once been mighty could be restored.

The GOLDEN ONE scoffs.
"His gaze has been away for far too long. And in his absence, all the glories of the world has faded away into nothingness. Those who once were his mightiest heroes have all died and been reborn as simple souls, worthy of little but a negligible fate."

The SILVER FIGURE replies with a smirk. And from beneath his wide-brimmed hat, a pair of web-patterned, crimson eyes gazes into the multi-hued lilac eyes of the woman.
"If I told you I could make him look upon Creation once more? Would that be worthy of a bet?"

She hesistates. And accepts. With the flick of a wrist, the SILVER FIGURE spins a few threads of glowing gossamer, that quickly fades.

"The souls of heroes long gone have finally reached a convergence again. Those who once bore might by His grace and were exemplars to his name, have now been found once more and now, they will meet again.
Will they be heroes? Or the gravest peril to Creation's existence?
That, my dear, is worthy a moment of my time…"

Our vision descends upon Creation, beneath the circling of the Sun, to the open Western Ocean, where an immense sailing barge carrying slaves slowly prods to it's unknown destination. Here, our tale shall begin.

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