Damzawat - City of Unruly Jasmine

Among the children of Damzawat, there is a saying: “The past is meant to be forgotten”.
Fittingly, most people end in Damzawat exactly to find a way to escape a troubled past. Wanted criminals, exiles and dispossessed seem to be drawn as moths to a flame by this backwater.

Time seems to have forgotten about the Garden of Jasmines, just as it has forgotten it’s own glourious history. Once, it was the pearl of these lands.
Art and culture flourished under the rule of the Lineage of the Shrikes, but their rivalry with the city of Al-Khayrann spelled their doom.
After the extinction of their ruling line, the House of Asps took charge, seeking to transform a land of poet and painters into a city of fierce warriors.

Of course, the plan to include the warlike nomads into the ranks of the new Zawati army, failed miserably, and now the once-loathed tribesmen saunter past the Great Gatehouse with no worries. After all, their kinsmen are leading the military in this city. The famed madrazas of The Ebony Brush have long since closed and the illustious Cobra Theatre has become a thriving market for flesh-peddlers and pleasure-sellers.

In the Azure Jasmine Palace, the sickly pasha awaits his demise after a life filled with regret. Some fear that when he passes, the city will be plunged into chaos and carnage, but most people expect that nothing will change.

One would not expect anyone to truly prosper in these conditions, except one tend to underestimate the sly magnates that ply their trade here. And yet, they manage to make a living selling both mercury and baubles bought from the dwellers in the deepest desert.
Some merchants even dare to barter with the Fair Folk that dwell in Damzawat.
Impossibly beautiful creatures adorned in silks woven of flame and saffron, the black-furred lionfolk walk with no hindrance, and some even protect their beloved city, as seem with that strange ivory-skinned gardener that tends those jasmines that the city seem to have forgotten. Among the Fair Folk, this one seems to be the most respected, as all, even from the lowest of imps to the fiercest of monsters seems to bow in his presence.

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