Eastern Pit - The Water Rock Pit

Lord of the Eastern Pit: Lady Pale Sphinx

The eastern pit is a bit odd case, in that the lower layers there's actually a puddle of water in the buttom, as half of the pit is a crag of granite, far too strong to actually carve into stone, the water trickles from little nooks and openings.
The pit is twenty meters deep, and have several cross-gangways to platforms where water is collected by the sods unlucky enough to have that duty. The Pit can be closed at the top in cases of sandstorms, one few luxuries here.
Most people are living in bunkhouses, but several of the Ward-Lords have bigger areas for their minions and themselves. A few of them even have private quarters.
The primary occupation here is Builder, but quite a few are miners as well. Unfortunately, this is also the pit with the fewest gladiators.
The lack of connected farmers gives a lack of higher quality food, which makes the diet consist mostly of vermins and millet. And a bit of salty bone soup.


  • The House of the Axe - A booze-den, lead by Hungry Dolphin.
  • The Ore-Seller - Grieving Shang, the black-market seller of gems.
  • Lady Sphinx's Domain - One of the uppermost places.
  • The Onyx Pot - Soup-kitchen, protected by the Scorpions.
The Gangs of the East
  • Community of the Dagger Disciples
    • Population: 15 civilians, 7 soldiers
    • LEADER: The Triumvirate
    • Controls:
  • The White Pack
    • Population 100 civilians, 24 soldiers.
    • LEADER: "The Crone - "Golden Ocean".
    • Control: "Qoro Weed + Khat + Opiates" - "Water" - "Poison" - "The Tunnels"
    • Lead by a Ward-Lord known as The Crone, for years, this gang has controlled the wellworkers and the farmers, keeping a tight lid on one of the most necessary goods in the Pit. They're also the masters of the tunnels, making the walks to the other pits possible. But as with all gangs, they have weaknesses, and the fact that a lot of them enjoys a close relationship with the goods they themselves peddle is a problem. But, the Crone doesn't care.
  • The Scorpions
    • LEADER: Blazing Bronze Boot, 2nd Ward-Lord
    • Population 82 civilians, 18 soldiers.
    • Control: "Food" and "Clothing"
    • Consists of Builders mostly, but few actually ever build anything. Most of them aspire to become a part of the Red-Clads, the dedicated pack of warriors that guard the sanctum of the King-of-Kings. Blazing Boot has aspirations of becoming Eastern Pit-Lord, but as long as the Sphinx has the favour of the king, it is a fickle dream at best.
  • "Razor Hound's Gang"
    • LEADER: Razor Hound
    • Population 43 civilians, 19 soldiers.
    • Control: "Weapons" - "Booze" - "Quarantines"
    • The gang was quick to settle on the lowest levels of the East-Pit, away from the water, nearly five years ago. Fierce and very quick to resort to violence. They have quite a few mutants on staff, and have a lot riding on both scorpion fights and gladiator-matches. Razor Hound was once a proud legionnaire, but dysentery got him left for death. As such, he keeps a lot of people on staff that could be plague-bearers, solely to unleash them and their tainted bile at his rivals.
  • The Carrion Crows
    • LEADER: Whispering Bitterness
    • Control: "Mystics" + "Leather" + "Tools"
    • Miners. Scavengers. The "Priests". And all around bastards. Five beastmen are their heavy hitters, and Whispering Bitterness has a reputation of being chummy with the local spirits. A fact that doesn't help that they deal with all the corpses. Some say her beastmen devours the dead, but nothing has been proven. They have the superstitious miners on their side and can therefore get people with solid pickaxes at hand in a scuffle.
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