The Eresian Isles - No Faith Lingers

Ruled by a council of famed leaders and warriors, the islets are famed for the many small societies of liberated slaves and refugees.
Each isle is comprised of these freed one's micro-societies, all in the style of the culture they had been ripped away from. It is not unusual to see a small island of Icewalkers situated right next to a island filled with Tengse.
Although they all nearly worship the word freedom, the Eresians are nonetheless responsible for multiple of genocides across the Siren Chains, mostly enacted on slaver-states as a part of their Pact of Vengeance, where each leader swore to shed blood in their crusade for freedom for all the shackled souls.

The flags of the Chain-Breaker Fleets have murdered their way through the Warded Sea in the better part of a hundred years, although recently, the savagery has increased under their new dreaded leadership.
Upon the central island, a stark fortress lies, above The Bay of Ebon Depths.
Here, the Synod of Serenity gather to discuss the state of their islands, often for months at a time. Many fear those seated at that council, as their prowess is widely feared, and not one of them have ever been defeated in combat.

To outsiders, the Eresian Isles are a perilous place. Next to the shear-filled waters, the prospect of starring down the blade of a zealous would-be liberator causes most ships to give the passage through the Eresians a wide berth.

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