Ethnotypes vary widely from place to place in Creation.
A tall, heavyset people with pale skin and blond hair may live just across the river from a city of short, slim, black-skinned folk. Major trade cities see a mixture of peoples, with
individuals and families transplanted from faraway lands. Nonetheless, there are
general tendencies for certain ethnotypes to be found in each Direction.

Most Northern peoples have pale skin and light eyes. Hair is typically white,
blond or light blue, though red or black are not uncommon. Builds vary widely;
hunting peoples are often tall and well-built, wealthy settled folk run to fat to fend
off famine, and impoverished villagers are as stunted as those in any other corner
of Creation.

A melting pot even in the First Age, the Scavenger Lands have since accumulated
invaders, refugees and slaves from across Creation. Many are of mixed stock,
with skin the color of café au lait—albeit with varying proportions of coffee to
cream—and brown or black hair. But one finds people of all shapes, sizes and
colors here.

As one travels further East, bark-brown skin becomes more prevalent, paired with
green or hazel eyes. Hair tends to be long and straight, its color varying from
brown to blond, red or green. Folk are typically tall or well built, sharing the
vitality infusing other Eastern creatures.

Those born beneath the Southern sun tend to be dark-skinned, ranging in color
from olive to brown to black. Their hair—whether red, blond or black—tends to
be wavy, curly or even kinky. Beards are common among men; most keep them
well trimmed, as wild and unkempt hair is associated with the holy madness of
hermits and those ridden by gods.

Westerners typically have bronze or golden skin.
Their hair shares the many hues of sunset and sea—blues and greens, maroons and purples, grays and midnight blacks. Short and compact builds are common, as are epicanthic folds around blue, green or gray eyes. Some peoples in the far West have delicate webbing
between their fingers, like on a frog’s foot.

The native folk of the Blessed Isle at the world’s heart tend to be light-skinned
with dark hair and eyes, strong features, and slim builds. But the Realm is the
center of a world-spanning empire that has, over the centuries, drawn in millions
of citizens, concubines and slaves. The marks of foreign blood are common, even
in the ranks of the Scarlet Dynasty

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