Exile - The City at the River's Bend

No one really knows how Exile was founded, yet all can agree that it was founded, not found.

When they first came, the Exiled Ones, they fought to make a place for themselves.
Besieged by both cruel beast, spirit and wicked darkness, they finally found an haven for themselves at the bend of a river. And here, they tried to stay, yet all of the elements forced them away, time and time again.
But. One fateful night, the world changed.
A seer, the first of the Mirar, had a dream.
The daugther of Shulam, Gal the Warrioress, fought to make that dream a reality.
Zelani, the Wild One, braved the wilds to bring the Khan of Beasts to heel.
The great lord Suveran lead the seven to the table, their will unbending as the oaks.
With knowledge gleamed from the stars, the disfigured patriarch known as Varjatud advised.
Agili wrote the Great Compact, in their sorcerer blood.
Rhosyn the Beauty wed the River King, and thus the land was at peace.

Today, Exile is founded on the might of that great compact. A frontier town, bearing the mark of decades long stability in an otherwise chaotic world around them.


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