Feketetuz, the Backwards Fires

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Sometimes, when the mistress of the Forge of Night must work on certain projects when the light of the Red Moon is high in the sky, she quenches her red-hot hammer in the waters of Kimbery deep in the Malfean catacombs. From the fumes this gives off, she weaves one of the feketetuz, the Fires-Who-Burn-in-Reverse. If one were to ask her, she would say that they are merely a consequence of her desire to rebuild the world as once it was; more cynical sorts judge that she merely uses them for their capacity to overcome the waves of flux which add unnecessary variability to her works when Ululuya burns too brightly.

If one were to draw one of the feketetuz, they would appear as a great centipede almost the size of a yeddim which walks in reverse, dragging its head behind it. That does not pay homage to their nature, however. They are made entirely of a strange kind of Malfean fire found only in the dark places of the Demon City, which burns only that which has been tarnished, corroded or ignited, and will not touch that which is intact or unsullied. The heat of the feketetuz ignites such materials, though that lesser fire does not spread, and so their path through the world is marked by this alien reaction. From this unnatural flame is made whole a twisted rendition of that which was once torched. A burned copy of the Immaculate Texts might reform talking of Vah, the Pearl Turtle, and his teachings - as far as anyone has been able to distinguish, such things are neither prophecy nor history.

The feketetuz require a near constant supply of fresh fuel to survive. Deprived of their foodstuff, they quickly wither and perish. Of course, within the Demon City there is all the verdigris they could ever wish for, but in Creation they are more limited in their meals. One might walk through a forest heavy with mast and leave only freshly dead grass and leaves behind them - for this twisted fire cannot undo the passing of a soul - but their true desire is for the flames of Creation. One set loose in a city will snuff out all the torches and hearths it can find, breaking open buildings in its gluttony, and the smarter ones will try to engineer fires so that they might have more to feast on.

Summoning: (Obscurity 2/4)
Sorcerers are frequent users of the feketetuz, for their occult flame has many uses. There are strange Malfean alloys which must be forged in it, while those of a more parsimonous nature have often realised that the unburning of coal they permit allows great savings.
They also see battlefield use, for they are strong and hard to kill, and ferocious predators - especially of fire elementals. A sorcerer might use a feketetuz as one might a war-elephant, to break a formation, or send it to seek out and so weary the fire-aspected general commanding a Realm legion.
Sometimes they escape from the Demon City when a parent weeps for a child whose body was burned without them paying her respects, or when a library is burned.

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