Firmin - The Needlemakers



Although firmin appear relatively human from the front, their backs bristle with sharp spines. Some First Age savants wrote that Alveua forged the first needlemakers from dull mortals with small dreams. The demons share some of their maker’s craftsmanship but have more in common with simple beasts. Organs underneath their fingernails produce a thick, black mucus that quickly hardens into shiny black needles. These needles are harmless to the needlemakers, and they build great nests of them. The firmin are social creatures, gathering in groups when they can to combine into one large nest rather than scattered smaller ones. Once a firmin has constructed a nest, he decorates it with small animals skewered on its needles. Ultimately, this proves unsatisfying, and the pierced bodies of nearby humans or other breeds of demons are incorporated.

Despite their hominid appearance, firmin are of bestial intellect. They build their nests and hunt, but their use of Old Realm approximates that of an ordinary parrot. Among themselves, firmin use a limited vocabulary to express simple ideas, such as “danger” or “food,” though they understand each other well. Their comprehension is adequate for a sorcerer to get across simple concepts such as “kill that person,” “sit” or “put needle here,” but nothing more.

The glistening black needles of the firmin are extremely strong and more difficult to melt than iron. The needlemakers often make simple swords and knives of their ichor, but sorcerers can command them to create better equipment. The initial fluid state of the material means it can be extruded into molds and shaped into tools, armor and weapons. Unfortunately for the firmin, and those who would use their needles, the rays of the Green Sun and the Unconquered Sun alike have a penchant for glinting off firmin needles and betraying their presence.

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