Ge - The Aerie

The mountainous regions of Ge have always been a conundrum to conquerors and scholars alike. The entire island is a chain of eight immense peaks, with little to no proper land to speak of. Most of the island is populated sparsely, with the city-state of Sulia being the sole claim to being "civilised" on the entire landmass.
Sulia is currently ruled by a council of elders, who have little to no impact on the every day life. To most people of Ge, those elders are only there so that the Imperial emissaries can adress someone important.

For, if you see, in the Land of Gentle Mountains, the one of two constant rules of law is that no one is the ruler. Any other law is property, making each Genan responsible for their own land and law.
Power is as fleeting as the winds they worship, and no one can ever tie a Genan soul down. Many even claim that these people are children of wind-spirits, and just as fleeting.
Thus, the island is a motley of fortified communes and farmsteads, situated in valleys and crevasses suitable for cultivating food.

The nickname of the isle is owed to the presence of an immense predator that dwells in the peaks. The mighty Fell-Eagles, measuring twenty foot in wingspan with beaks capable of snapping even mammoth bones.
Such a creature is know throughout the seas, as the range far and wide, yet, only roost atop the peaks of Ge.


The Principality of Crimson
This tiny volcanic island above Ge proper, also called the Red Folly, is home to a crazed Dynast, who calls himself the Crimson Emperor and claims he is the rightful ruler of the Blessed Isle. He expects the Scarlet Empress to present herself in supplication any day now.
Ships rarely stop by, as there is little food or water available, but a number of mortals - mostly shipwrecked or marooned - are his unhappy subjects, forced to do him honor and fulfill as best as possible his mad fantasies of power.

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