Passion's Off-Screen Actions

After Session 2:

  • Sowing dissent in the Ranks of hostile gangs
    • Done mainly by displaying the misuse that gangs submit people and their members to.
    • Secondly by painting(in tales and words) the upper tiers of gangers as egotistical persons that keep their wealth for them selves.
    • 3 Successes
  • Seducing the lovely ladies that aids the Blind One.
    • Done mainly by being an attentive nice guy, that offers good conversation, nimble hands and long nights with the women in focus.
    • The goal of this is to earn their 'trust' and open up new avenues of communication and transport, oh and some pillow talk on the sideline.
    • 3 Successes

After Session 4:

  • Sharing Parables and Fables about the Dagger Disciples to Sooth "Beaten & Broken" across the Eastern, Western Pit and the Tunnel Market.
    • Man+Per = 7 successes

After Session 10

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