Gentle Passion - Artist from Chiaroscuro
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Name: Gentle Passion
Home: The Tri-Khanate of the Delzhan
Caste: None
Concept: Artistic Layabout
Appearance: Insert
Theme Songs:

Basic Character Information

Gentle Passion

Toke Albrechtsen


Artistic Layabout


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Streets of gold winding their paths through spires of glass, this is the city of Chiaroscuro my home. I could spend days telling tales of this glorious city of how it lapis blue water bring untold wealth and spice to our harbor, or how the ladies of this fair city, each striving to be the perfect woman, clad themselves in silks and gold. But enough talk about this shiny jewel of the south, there is a tale of its glory for every piece of sand in the desert.

The tale I wish to bring to your ears this evening is the tale of man defying not only the odds and those who stood against him, no! This is a tale of a man defying destiny itself, it is my tale.

I am Gentle Passion bin Jamir bin Fasim, born on the first night of calibration. Luckily for my family I was not the first son to be born unto this world, thus this ill omen was not as dire as it could have been however it did mark me for my youth, as I was not to study commerce, war or religion. This left my in a peculiar situation I could study rhetoric and history going abroad however not many courts would welcome a man born under such ill omens, so I devoted my life to the arts. There is little shame in admitting it; I chose the arts because being born out of the year is no harm to an artist forever mysterious in their ways.

Left thus to my own devices, my elder brother it did not see much for he was to be my father’s heir both in wealth and calling a merchant and haggler at heart. My older brother was dear to me he taught me the ways of life as only young men can teach younger boys. This however was cut short as he left to join up with travelling riders as a swordsman. I was taught the soft arts by my sister Serpil a gentle soul knowing full well her place in creation.

[2nd half to be made]

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