Remains of a Fallen Age

In the unexplored caves beneath the pit cities, one can find many things.
Most of the caves are in some way graced with the presence of the network
of lilac glowing roots.
No one knows why they are here or from where they come from, but you learn
to not touch them, as their sap is both dangerously volatile and draws
all manners of creatures as if it was honey for wasps.

But besides that, several ruins dot the hundreds of caves and crevasses that
a daring explorer might brave.
But few true scholars have done so, for obvious reasons.
After all, Horai is situated far away from everything that counted be counted as civilization.

The few who have tried, speak of odd ruins, unlike anything known to the wise.
Shapes that are firm, yet organic in appearance, with reliefs depicting a plenthora of creatures in every possible shape and size.
But a few reoccuring fixtures can be found.
The Great Tree, which clearly is a icon of great importance.
And the portraits of beings, that seem a little too angular to be actual humans, who seems to conjure all of these beasts as it was their providence to create them.

But as long as the sorcerer-king reigns, few will learn the truth, as he cares little of such ruins, only the power that resides in the earth beneath him.

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