Character Strength
Viridian Bell
Family - (Protective, Love) Defining
Never violence first (Principle) Major
Want to defend the defenceless (Principle) Major
Rich, arrogant ass-holes (Disdain) Minor
Shifu Laughing Sunray (Respect) Minor
Slavers (Hatred) Minor
Do what you're good at (Principle) Minor
Gentle Passion
My wives, Thunderous Joy & Beneath Blue Skies - (Protective Love) Defining
I will avenge Valiant Zephyr (Vengeance) Major
Hedonism (Way of Life) Major
Vanity is my Curse (Principle) Minor
All is to be valued (Principle) Minor
Drunkards (Disgust/Distrust) Minor
Horses are like Brothers (Principle) Minor
Beaten & Broken (Servitude) Minor
The books must be balanced (Principle) Defining
People of the Guild (Respect/Kinship) Major
Survival above all (Principle) Major
"Money can buy happiness" (Belief) Minor
Paying Taxes (Hatred) Minor
Debitors (Disdain) Minor
Beaten & Broken Minor
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