Izo says he deserves to be here. He was sold to the Guild by his own family, who had branded him a traitor to the Empire of the Feathered Serpent. Once, he was a mighty judicial champion, brandishing justice in the name of his city and his clan. With obsidian and bone, Izo took care to carve himself a reputation.


However, not being especially smart, Izo was involved in a vendetta between two clans, and soon found himself blamed for the entire ordeal. His friends died, his family was murdered and to him, it was all his fault.
For two years, the enormous snakeman has been trying to repent his wrongs. A few months ago, he was the victim of a stabbing in a port city. Then, he got rescued.
By the Guild, who soon racked enough charges for care that he was roped into slavery. He fetched a fine price in the markets of Champoor.

Izo's hidden secrets

Izo's Stats

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