Josei - Secrets & Intimacies

However, along the way, he have acted as mentor to quite a few merchants, but in the last few month, they have jointly decided that their old mentor was obstructing the growth of their profits by having already senior authority in most Guild-matters.
So, the old codger is starting from less than nothing. Usually, that wouldn't stump old Josei, but does he still have what it takes to makes the magic happen?
His children still live on Tongma Island, and are trying to protect their father's estates from the depredations of both the Guild and House Peleps.

He was mentored himself under Yataro White-Owl, trader from the Bay of Kings, that taught him quite a few things.

Josei Six-Fingers
- There's *always* a way - (Principle) - Defining
- Risks (Thrill) - Defining
- My lovely wife… what's her name again? (Adoration) - Major
- My Children (Love) - Major
- Yanna of the Mist-filled Veil, Raksha (Rival) - Major
- Sorcerers (Distrust) - Minor
- Memories (Nostalgia) - Minor

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