Jot the Urchin

The child known as Jot is another new acquisition.
She was a bird-catcher back in her hometown of Chiaroscuro, and as such, she learned to spot birds with her almost supernaturally good eyes. She claims to have been born to a Delzhan noble, but her skin is nowhere the caramel glow of the Delzhans.
She was captured by destitute sailors near the harbor, and hasn't quite adapted to the life of a slave yet.

When she arrived at the slaveships, she was frightened to her very soul.
But when she met three very specific people, she was pulled into a world that she never thought she'd be a part of.
Struggle, conflict and war, Jot tries to adapt to the world as best she can.

  • Intimacies:
    • I will find my father (Principle) - Defining
    • My mother (Sorrow) - Major
    • I have few friends, but I fight for the ones I have (Principle) - Major
    • Birds (Kinship) - Major
    • Viridian Bell (Idolizing) - Major
      • - Bell is a hero! A real one!
    • Arian (Fellowship) - Major
      • - He's very lost. I don't think he really knows the world.
    • Nobles (Aversion) - Major
    • Gentle Passion (Kindness) - Minor
      • A Brother from another Family.
    • Izo (Awed friendship) - Minor
      • I never knew a man like Izo. I heard that his people are as tall as the trees.
    • Vemo (Friendship) - Minor
      • He seems like a good person, if a bit lonely
    • Vermillion Horizon (Friendship) - Minor
      • He's doing a lot of weird stuff, but always for the right reasons!
    • Nala (Mentor) - Minor
      • Nala is teaching me a lot of tricks…
    • Raknar (Respect) - Minor
      • He always makes me laugh, and he's always there for you
    • Never Stop Learning, even in the Face of Adversity - Minor
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