Juba - The Isle of Verdant Eternal

To any weary sailor who goes ashore there, Juba seems to be akin to paradise.
The sweet, fragrant smell of thousands of blossoms and shooting leaves, is as soothing as any purchased embrace, and plenty of captains
Draped beneath a veil of perpetual violet shades of the twilight, the island continues it's life as if it was trapped with a eternal spring, with life blooming forever.

And that is not that far from the truth.
Koko-Kara, a spirit of that very season, claims her dominion here. And despite what many other spirits view as arrogance and misuse of power, the mortals of Juba adore their Queen-of-Blossoms, as her blessings have given them this picturesque paradise to dwell in.
Here, the wind taste sweet and the fields are flowing with ever-growing crops and fruits, maturing even as new seeds grow from the soil.

Of course, such a place is sought after by hundreds of fortune-seekers, yet few ever manages to pass beyond the forests beneath the great karsts as the magic of the goddess prevents such base souls to enter. her subjects are poets and painters, artisans and craftsmen, as there is little use of anything else.
Her children, the flower-haired godbloods, are her voice, as she spends her days in her palatial manse, the Root of Juba, from where her blessings are shared with her worshippers.
On slow days of rain, the best of her people come to her, with praise, prayer and poetry with many seeking to display their skills in the arts of lovemaking, be they man or woman, all to please their beloved goddess.

Lately, however, the rains have fallen more often.
Koko-Kara's dismay seems to have grown in the last few months, and not even the skills of her most precious children have been able to rouse her from her ennui.
And many fear that she will never smile again. And then what will become of Juba, the Isle of Neverending Spring?

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