Kialtcsendes, the Screaming Mimes

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The screaming mimes are born of paradox, creatures of the terrible whimsy of their progenitor. Mouthless, eyeless, faceless, these deep blue-skinned creatures with the bodies of handsome unclad men make their way through the world without any way to vocalise their desires save their mummery and dance. Yet for all their lack of speech, each movement they make raises the memory of an once-heard deafening clamour, blinding light, or beautiful scent in the mind of their watchers. One stalks down a street, and each step means those who see it remember a scream some have compared to the sound of nails on a blackboard. A wave of a hand, and onlookers blink tears from their eyes.

To be quite blunt, they exist to annoy, distract and befuddle. And in the Demon City, they are hunted down by those who realise the secret that since they make no noise, the Silent Wind does not fear their presence - and indeed, they have no way to aid in protecting against their depredations. Fortune's Fool has a cruel streak, both to make such creatures and unleash them on a place where silence is death.

The kialtscendes long for that which they lack. To that end, they steal the organs which they lack and sew them to their features with the steel wire which grows, hair-like, from their fingertips. For as long as such a cargo-cult organ is attached, they can use it, and their motions no longer produce the undesired effects. The mime also consumes some of the memories of the organ, and knows mad fragments of their victim's mind. Of course, all things come to rot in time, and when the stolen body part disintegrates, the screaming mime is bereft again.

Obscurity (3/4):
By and large, few summoners will bind one of the kialtscendes without a clear purpose. Yet for all that, they have found use in the hands of the lords of the Demon City and summoners from Creation. Let loose as bow-fodder ahead of one's ranks, their blinding light and caterwauling disrupts formations, preparing them for the charge.
More commonly, though, they see use as aids for torturers and those willing to mutilate a man to have a chance to know some secret he has.
Sometimes, they escape from Malfeas when a girl under the age of nine falls to her death in the woods, with no one there to hear it.

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