The Great Mangroves of Koa

Of all the isles of the Siren Chains, Koa is perhaps the most illusive.
In fact, it never stays in the same place for long, as it languidly drifts upon the waves, as the isle itself has not true earth or rock to bind it in place.
Koa, is a drifting mangrove, a vast tangle of trees and plants, forming a collected mass of some sort, sheltering hundreds of tribal communities that have taken to life upon this wandering land.

On Koa, the life is sustained by the bounties that the trees can provide. Thousands of fruits and roots are each day plucked by the natives, keeping their communities fed and sated. Only the rare herbs are sold to outsiders, and those a few in number and far apart.
Many a Guild Caravan passes by Koa, not sparing it a second glance, as nothing is considered to be worth the time and effort.

But, one legend of Koa is often told by the storytellers on land.
The legend of the Beast-Witches and the Auspex of Koa.

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