The Great Pasharate of Kavala

"It is said, that on Kavala, a agreement is never truly an agreement, merely a postponement of your eventual submission. Each of the Pashas have agendas within agendas, so to anyone seeking their ear, I'd advice to thread carefully"
- Dragon-Lord Tepet Havlok


In spite of their reputed cutthroat political scene, the Pasharate of Kavala is a rare thing in these chaotic waters.
Kavala was settled centuries ago by the dispossessed nobles from the Inland Sea, who had been rulers of the City of Glass and they brought with them a understanding of science and arts to a otherwise uneducated land with no human population to speak of. Thus, the populace of Kavala have mostly descended from Southern stock.

Today, the Great Samūha is the finest institution on higher sciences in their part of the world.
Architects and mathematicians are plentiful here, and many have claimed that some of these are more apt in their trade than their colleagues in the Blessed Realm.
Many such scholars are serving Dynasts with their knowledge, and many claim that their advantage can be found in the notable part of the faculty's staff being elementals themselves, and functionally immortals.

A city-state run by the lines of the Ten Pashas, Kavala has long been a established support of the Great House Tepet.
Unfortunately for them, House Sesus, the current satraps of these lands, have little love for the people who supports their rival houses. As such, each of the Pashazada, firstborn of the Pashas, are currently attending the mighty satrap Sesus Tiberon as servants. Of course, all are quite aware that the children as hostages.
Many pashas count themselves blessed with many children, but Tiberon has been quite careful to not return the children as corpses, keeping their inheritance as a major part of the politics in the Siren Chains.

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