Misha by birth a noble, having lived her life in the wealthy manner as the daughter of a Saltspire Autarch. She was both a renowned duelist and poet, and known as a courtier worthy of utmost respect across the League.
However, the winds of fate changed for her when the Medo conquered the city she had traveled to. Misha found herself on a barge bound for the South, to be sold as slave in the Scavenger Lands.


Within years, Misha had gotten herself priced as a valuable slave, as she had often manipulated owners into thinking he was better off being sold again.
Several slave rebellions found it's start within Misha's clever mind, but she was seldom the one to take the blame. Now, after she narrowly avoided being sold to the harem of a Tayur'ish Pasha, she was shipped to the slavers of Horai, who were looking for new merchandise.

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