Moseq - The Walled City of Orchids

Moseq was once a cavernous lake, a oasis hidden from the prying eyes of the world. And the gods that dwelt there kept tricking wayward explorers away from the immense rock that enclosed the lake. Yet, the time came when the decree of their own Padishah forced them to allow the mortals to settle.
So great was the shame of Moseq, the God of the Lake, that he aided the first settlers to carve homes in the sandstone rock. That lasted for a generation, and Moseq had by that time carved an entire city into his former home.

The rock-cut city of Moseq, or more commonly refered to, the Garden of Orchids, is one of the poorest cities in the Pasharates. The lack of any other resource than sandstone has impoverished the commoners as well as the local Water Lords.
To make matters worse, the nocturnal depredations of the leonine Faes of the Soulless Kingdom have increased in strength, leading to the gates of Moseq being barred come nightfall, chained with iron to keep away the fae. Yet, that does not keep away the mortal servants of the soul-eating nightmares, who stalk the streets searching for lost fools to whisk away to their masters.

Within the serene orchid-gardens of the palace, the old, sorrowful pasha of Moseq pray in solitude. Not to the gods of his people, nor to the distant Dragons of the Five Pillars, but to the moon and her temple, hoping that the spirits of night and moonlight would carry his prayers to the Oracle of the Crescent that is hidden away in the deepest desert.
Yet, no such prayer has been answered by the Monks of the Crescent Moon in better part of a decade.
In spite of those perils, there is still a glimmer of hope in the city.
Moseq the Keen-eyed, the god of the city, have shared tales with his worshipers. Stories of a immense reservoir of water, deep beneath the city, larger than any other in the Pasharates. If even half of that story is true, Moseq’s inhabitants would be rulers of the largest well from here to the coast of the Inland Sea.
A throng of young Moseqi have begun carving tunnels downwards, eager to ensure the prosperity of their families and city. And many of those endeavors are not under the control of the Water Lords, which could threaten the hold of the nobility on Moseq, making for a volatile political climate in a once unified city.

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