The Mines

In the hillsides next to the pits, the old caverns have long been the site for another common profession for the inhabitants of the Pits.
Three great mines have been a wellspring of ore and gems for the better part of a decade. Because of that great bounty, coal is disregarded as a simple by-product, and many miners earn a extra token or two by selling lumps of coal in their respective home-pit.
To the people, the mining job is more desirable than the work on the construction site. Here, at the very least, you work in shade.

The mines are a maze of narrow shafts and tunnels, and without the precious glowstones or the water lanterns provided by the Red-Clads,
the lower levels would quickly fall to soot-filled air and result in coal-lungs and other such illnesses, not to mention choking smoke.

A miner's life commences at dawn, as they set out.
A new miner begin at the bottom rungs of the internal hierarchy. They're the Dragsmen, hauling the bags of mined ore to the surface, doing the most of the heavy lifting, a position few people envy.
As soon as you manage to scrounge your own tools, you can begin work as a proper Hewer.
In that position, you won't see sunlight, but as the food given to hewers is of much higher quality, such as both heqet, imported beans and lizard eggs.
The most respected of miners are the Timberers. These workers are the ones with knowledge of mines and the stability thereof. With the provided timber, they stabilize the tunnels as much as possible to avoid the dreaded cave-ins that always plague such a place.
Typically, they are among the oldest miners still working in the mines, but anyone with an eye for such things would be able to claim a place among the Timberers.
From the ranks of the Timberers, the oldest among them is given the title of Keeper of the Yellow Bird. As well as being the caretaker for the little Peril-Singer Birds, she is also the primary priest that communicates with the God of the Mine, who seems to enjoy the little yellow birds enough that he gives them warnings of impending danger.
But, there are times where that is not enough to spare the miners from the wroth of the spiteful spirit that rules the mines. Currently, this title is held by Resiliant Thorn, a haggard dereth in his forties.

Outside the mine, the Axemen keep the law, as they answer to the Red-Clads who rule the mine. They are what many would consider to be the foremen of the mines.
In the tents nearby, the oldest of the miners process the ore that is broken from the ground. In a few cases, they've gotten too old to break rocks, but most of the time, they are here due to their head for numbers.
Most of the Counters are former scholars, teachers and merchants, knowlegable in the ways of arithmetics needed to log the produce of the mines to their lords above.

The leaders of the Mines are four Red-Clads, gifted the domain for loyal service to the King-of-Kings. Each of them are past their prime, and few have anything left to do in battle. However, their bribes and benefits are enough to keep their packs of Axemen in check, and as their gems buys them luxury in the palace, they keep their operation running.
Blade-Kanshiro, the foremost of the Mine Red-Clads, is their self-appointed leader, driving his crews to even greater lengths to present his king with the spoils of their hard labor.
After all, the infamous swordsman has set his eye on a very specific prize, one of Ras' many daughters by his concubines.

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