Beyond the lands of Ahlat, the great savannahs stretches south along the Sea of Dreams, with beasts and animals in abundance, with seas of grass hiding both prey and hunters.
Nala have been both throughout her life, steeped the blood of tragedies.

Her demonic blood made her an outcast among her own people, as her mother, was none less than Mara the Doe-toed and Lady of Sorcery*.
Her father's tribe left her for dead as an infant, but with the aid of an adoptive flock of animals, Nala grew up to be a capable huntress.
In time, she returned to society, and slowly became accepted, but never seen as a part of the tribes. She hunted in the wilds, selling pelts and meat for what she needed.
The tribesmen called her a spirit, and to her, that was nearly all she was.

In time however, the lone hunter fell prey to a band of slavers, posing as fur traders.
Within a year, Nala was shipped from plantation to plantation, each of them opting to sell her as fast as possible. The last slaver to have her in his stock sold her from less than the price for a male labor slave.

In the Pits of Ras Ozymandias, Nala found herself aligned with the trading lord known as the Blind One, serving him as a procurer of both wealth and people.
It was here she found her calling as a bounty hunter, hunting when there was no game to hunt.

Her encounter with the Heroes have given her a second chance at making a meaningful life. And she is not sure if she wants to take it, as she has heard that her mother's presence have been felt on the winds.
After all, she has seen her new friends topple a tyrant. If she is safe anywhere, these ones might be the only option.

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