Near West

"O, sweetest of sirens,

thine song lures me to the shears

locked among sea and shore

Near and yet so far

West yet you graces the Blessed Waters

That song, a dirge for lost glory

Where mournful tears fall uncounted

As all the heroes have left"


Nested a full week of seafaring from the nearest landmass, The Siren Chains have been renowned for their treacherous waters since the beginning of time.
With slivers of razor-sharp rock jagging out from the outer isles, it's no wonder few people have dared the Mists that envelope these islands.

Plenty of people brave the journey, but if tales are to be believe, many simply passes through the banks of fog, only to emerge on the far side of the isles.
This, is mostly avoided by any capable captain who understand flow of the currents, but nevertheless, the myths around this archipelago that land-dwellers nurture, mostly to tale the tallest of tales.

But, within the Warded Sea, there's even more to be found.
No island is without it's mysteries, and even though the riches of ages past have long since been stripped by greedy scavengers, there are still plenty stories to tell of.

  • Dun Torca - A remnant of a Shogunate nautical power, crushed ruthlessly under the Empress's heel as she solidified her reign. Nowadays, the island and it's inhabitants are serving a local satrap, Sesus Tiberon, a grandson of the Empress herself.
  • Matahorua - Verdent, mountainous islands make up a imposing sight from afar, but the Empire of Bones are not to be discounted as merely a sight to behold. A client state of the Realm, Matahorua is the greatest military power present, a fact few nations here dare put to the test. Lest to invoke the wrath of the Emperor of Bones and his fleet.
  • Waraiki - a underwater nation, making their home in a immense coral reef. They pay tribute and have on occasion waged war on the surfacers for no other reason that glourious battle. Fortunately, the beasts beneath the waves are more than enough of such entertainment.
  • Fessahn - A island composed mostly of swampy wetlands. Thousands of unique creatures call this place home, but have little natural resources besides. Some thousands of beastmen make their home in the swamps and legends speak of ruins deep into the thickest parts of the mire.
  • The Harbor of Nessa a free harbor, defended by Thousand Voices Triumphant, who claims to be the Chosen of the Siren Queen. She's currently looking for her father, the grizzled Toan sailor known as Shango.
  • Koa - The Eternal Mangrove - Not a true island by any measure, but this nautical forest is the size of the Imperial City and drifts from shore to shore, seemingly at random. Here, the Auspex of Koa can be found among the Beast-Witches that call it home, as their Divining Pool sees many things.
  • The Republic of Ji-Yun - Ji-Yun was originally founded as a monastic refuge for Immaculate Monks, yet the influx of sailors, pirates and immigrants from the Blessed Isle soon found a quiet haven for their boats, gradually turning the pious monks into a avaricious collection of profiteers.
  • The Eresian Isles - Ruled by a council and is famed for the societies of liberated slaves and refugees. Responsible for multiple of genocides across the Siren Chains. Upon the central island, a stark fortress lies, above a cove of Black Waters…
  • The Sea Serpent Fellowship - Nautical raiders, plying their grizzly trade on the waves as they fight for a cause lost for decades.
  • Caravaneers of Archelon - Upon the great isle-turtles, these traders ensures a steady trade between the countries in the Siren Chains.
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