The Free Port of Nessa

For the better part of a millennia, the Port of Nessa has been a haven for the dogged and hunted. If you find yourself in the need of a safe harbour, the Nessan docks are wide open to fugitives and malcontents.
For a prize. And that is always a high one.

And, only if you can navigate the Sonorous Maze, a treacherous passage where many a shipwreck adorn the razor-sharp shears. Hundreds, if not thousands of boats have suffered the wroth of the hungry gods of the bloody surf, with the seafoam being reddened as sailors plunged to their doom.

However, deft navigators can brave the wicked teeth of the Maze, and as a reward, they find their way to a haven unlike any other.
Nessa is a simple port, with little to no rules to speak of.
For generations, the Siren Queen have held her sway here, acting through the will of her chosen champion, who have consistently been represented by a red-haired young woman. For A hundred-and-eleven years, eleventh moons and eleven days, the Siren Exigent rules through the song of dominion, only to sing her own dirge on that final moon, withering away along with the power to a new brave soul who suits the Siren Queen's whims.

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