The Northern Pit

The Brass Blade Pit.

The biggest of the Pits.
Out of them all, this one has actual houses build into the walls and caves.
1700 souls live here, and the culture is a frantic mess.
To infiltrate here would definitely be the smartest move, as the gangs cannot keep it under control.

Jadetooth Ozai, a realm-born warrior that once dominated the arena.
For his achivements, he was rewarded with a choice. Become the newest grunt in the Red-Clad Sentinels, or be supported in his choice of Pit.
Ozai, loath to once more be the lowliest creature, had no difficulty in deciding.
He grabbed the northern pit, at the time the largest of the three pits.

In the middling layers, hundreds of builders and stone-carvers live. Of course, they live at the mercy of the Blackened Baronets, a crew of embittered farmers that got ripped from their merciful occupation when their farms were raided by starving builders. They found a new calling in performing reaping on a different scale

Adding to it's proper name, the Brass Blade Pit, there is crude industry present. Seven smelters make brass and bronze tools and weaponry for the craftsmen in the button of the Pit. At the top, the smoke from the smelting pits can be see from afar.
In deep side-tunnels, the most pitiful creatures of the Brass Blade Pit ache out a living by mining coal from what once seems to have been enormous trunks of tree. Beneath the craftsmen,

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