The Quarry


The great foundation that everything has been placed on in these desolate areas. For years, the sandstone blocks have been hefted from the ground, by the strongest of the Pit People.
Pickaxes and rope are the essential tools employed here, and the Carvers are among the largest and strongest of workers in the Four Cities.
One of their number is fed with chickpeas, insects and grain-soups, helping to maintain their strength. The sun is as merciless as ever, and the hours of toil and strain aids it in the withering of these poor fellows that drag up the stone from the quarries.
Rock-slides, accidents and sunstroke are the most common killer, but internal struggles are also a issue.
Opposed to most of the workplaces, there is little culture in the Quarries, and hundreds of workers are little more than convicted criminals. There are examples of people being sent away to the Quarries due to internal struggle with the gangs.

Ruling the Pits are Pitiless Flint, a merciless bureaucrat that has been in charge of supplying the building sites. Seventeen years of

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