Ra - The Freeport of Chaos

Founded by exiles from Shem, Ra is built around a small well beneath a sparse outcropping that provides a shelter from the sandstorms. In time, this place have grown in size, from a motley collection of tents, to a sprawling hive of scoundrels and profiteers.
Standing opposed to the lords and ladies of the Pasharates, Ra is a freeport.
No taxes, no laws and no rulers. Thousand of bandits and merchants make their path through Ra at one point or another, selling contraband and buying whatever the Scarab Bazaar offers.

The old harbormaster Jashae, one of the founders’ descendants, keeps Ra’s lighthouse lit, and earns a living through a cut of the exchanged silver on the bazaar. His own fleet of sandships were once a feared sight. Nowadays, the fleet is moored and forgotten, and Jashae is simply waiting for the proper heir to his prized dhows.
In Ra, the slavers come to buy. Pirates, raiders and bandits are eager to sell prisoners, and so, the slaves here are cheaper than anywhere in the civilized world. But beware, as a visitor can end up as a slave within a few seconds.
In Ra, everything and everyone is for sale.

The pleasure dens of Ra are infamous for their revelries, which often end up with damages to both interior, exterior and wounded, if not dead, enslaved prostitutes.
Often, this is considered to be of little importance to Lady Karahia the Veiled, the madame of these establishments, as most of the deceased slaves can still work in her prized stable of ghostly courtesans.

Ra is ensured it’s liberty by two factors. One, is the Court of the Scarab, a group of small spirits that struck a deal with the Founders to protect this freeport. Anyone who brings a army to Ra finds themselves assaulted by scarab swarms, numbering several millions.
Second, the joyous smile of Sakir Khamr, the god of flowing wine, is carved into a cliff-side, making Ra his greatest temple. Anyone who acts against Ra will find that any wine they would drink, who transmute into the vilest poison.
And so, even the most belligerent fool dare not make an attempt to claim Ra. Not unless you wish to suffer one of these fates.

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