Raknar Rurr of Runebarrow

RAKNAR is a young man, hailing from the fjords of Mela's Teeth. Even amongst those people, he's epitome of a northerner.
With a tall, muscular build, skin almost a snowy white and pale, blonde hair, he's an imposing sight, even if his demeanor seems almost lax, as if he's expecting trouble from anyone and doesn't give a damn. A pack of Guild-Slavers captured him while he was lending his sword to a fur-trader, who was going south.
Eager to be free, but he bides his time. He will never remain a slave if he can help it.
He's good with a sword, but prefers the raw power of a axe. But his best weapon is his mind. He's quick to learn, and adapts to any situation with ease.

Secrets of the Northerner

Raknar's Stats

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