The Serene Republic of Ji Yun

Ji-Yun was originally founded as a monastic refuge for Immaculate Monks, yet the influx of sailors, pirates and immigrants from the Blessed Isle soon found a quiet haven for their boats, gradually turning the pious monks into a avaricious collection of profiteers.

Today, the Elder Conclave is the ruling body of the Republic, with each seat being occupied by the eldest monks. Of course, these monks are more often than not, former merchants and privateers, having bought their way into retirement and luxury of the monastic abodes that dots the upper parts of the city.
Few have dared to point out the sheer heresy in that, just as even fewer have dared to point out the inherent risk in being worldly monks, as the deception of the Conclave has never been tested by the most pious of Immaculates, seeing as Ji-Yun is considered to be a dogmatic pillar by most who have heard of it.

Trade and profit is plentiful, leaving little to be desired for the order, yet commoners who are not monks are subjected to exorbitant fees and tariffs, yet there are few places as safe as this island, with coves and walls sheltering hundreds of ships from storms and plunder.

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