The Fellowship of Sea Serpents

Under the leadership of the nefarious Iron-Handed Ara, the Fellowship of Sea Serpent have gone from mere annoyances to true scourges of the Warded Sea.
Aboard their scale-sailed vessels, they have made a name for themselves as uncanny sailors. Their primary targets are often merchant-ships, leading true Guild members to despise these oceanic brigands.

Some knowledgeable people in the region, claims that the band originated from the famed Sailor's Guild from the now-ruined Galeone, a city-state renowned for their seamanship. However, when the Imperial Navy fell upon the City of Reefs, no man imagined there had been survivors as the massive devastation wrought upon Galeone was the stuff that is only spoken about in hushed tones.


While most people doubt the connection. However, anyone surviving a encounter with the sister-admiral, speak of Iron-Handed Ara as a woman with hatred etched into her eyes whenever the topic of the Realm is discussed.

Currently, five battle-groups of the navy is patrolling for the Fellowship of Sea Serpents, hoping to claim the bounty that was issued after the stinging defeat that occurred during the Calibration five years ago, when the personal carrier of the infamous Sesus Terok and five triremes was sunk, killing the dynast who commanded the destruction of Galleone.
Most of the commoners of the various nations have little to say about subject of these pirates, but some claim that Ara have found haven with members of a underwater nation, hiding from the navy only to strike out at opportune times.

The competition, such as the Lintha Family, welcome the attention given to the Sea Serpents, as it allows them to ply their grizzly trade in peace."

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