Someone needs an escort

  • The PCs recruited to help a god blooded woman get from Port Calin to her father's island in the far West. The complication being that her father is Resolute Atlas the god of maps and like her father she has very detailed (and constantly changing) maps all over her body which means she's priceless to groups such as the Guild, the Realm, Western nations looking to establish a trade route, privateers and explorers to name only the most obvious.
  • A servitor or Vanileth (Daimyo of Artificial Flight) has heard rumors of plans of an artifact airship and needs an escort to get him to the plans safely. He will (after much negotiation) allow the party to share in the plans, taking a full copy of them. (He actually wants the PCs to get a copy, he has access to far more intricate plans than those he is leading them to, but is working hard to bring artificial flight back to creation and sees the players as a good way of achieving this).
  • A devotee of Zhuzhiao has three weeks to take the artifact he carries and cast it into the deep, such that it is within ZhuZhiao’s domain. He bargained with Zhuzhiao for power just under a year ago and will face terrible consequences if he does not live up to his side of the bargain.
  • A group of slaves have escaped their masters and have heard that the PCs are travelling to a far off land, where nobody will know them, or recognise the markings that have been used to claim ownership over them.
  • The Realm Tribute is due in three weeks, each town in the kingdom must enough to support the overall payments being made, last year the town’s shipment was hijacked by bandits and the townsfolk are desperate to see that their hard work goes to supporting the kingdom (through paying its debts) rather than to the bandits who hide nearby.
  • The group are invited to meet a wealthy patron, they are invited to building that is within a shadowland (and promised safe passage to and from the building as long as they offer nobody harm). Once they are there, they are greeted by a man in a Jade mask and flowing robes (covering him completely). They are told that they need to take an item and deliver it to a location in a years time. A pile of jade is bought out (resources 4 equivalent at least) and they are told that a similar amount will waiting for them at their destination point. If asked about travel distances they are told that it is not very far away, but that the important thing is that it is kept safe, and out of any Shadowland for year. On accepting the contract, they are told that the item is to be delivered to this very house in one years time.
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