The Sesseljae - The Stomach Bottle Bug

Ras is the master of several demons, with two of these little creatures within his body.
Achter and Bekther are servile little beings, both of them attuned to Ras hearthstones, using the powers in service of their master.
To feed them, he daily partakes in a glass of cobra venom.
These demons are bound for a century, and enjoys to be employed by this human, as he keeps them out of harm's way.
In truth, the two of them are infamous in the lower reaches of the Demon City, for being little thieves of jewelry and treasures.

Achter - Brandishes the Stone of Iron

Bekhter - Wields the Stone of Immaculate Flames

Entry from the Kitāb al Ghul
Sesseljae, or as they are more commonly known, Stomach Bottle Bugs resemble fist-sized beetles with 10 legs similar to those of a grasshopper. They possess a dangerous appetite for tainted and putrid substances and spend their most of their lives scouring the bodies of the Yozis of those things that might eventually build up enough to cause harm to their masters.
The stomach bottle bugs sometimes discover veins of corruption that sicken the Yozis, and thousands perish only to have their tainted corpses devoured by their kin. New sesseljae are born from the poisoned waste until it is entirely consumed.
Stomach bottle bugs not busy with such work haunt the taverns of the Demon City and plead for entry in childlike voices.
They sometimes manage to swarm the establishments, drinking the alcohol from every bottle and from within other demons. Many demons hate sesseljae for this and often kill them on sight.
Sesseljae make excellent surgeons, although manipulating flesh and bone is more like play to them, and they happily sing with their rear four legs while they draw a body together as though it were soft clay.
The sesseljae can pass through the flesh of humans, animals and demons as easily as air and swim through it like water. This swimming sometimes stirs ripples in the bodies they inhabit, and a moving bug occasionally stumbles and awkwardly reveals a leg or mandible from within its host. Sorcerers typically carry sesseljae in their stomachs, as the demons may rest there indefinitely. This has the added benefit that the demon will suffer the effects of any ingested alcohol or poison in place of the sorcerer.
Interestingly, sesseljae are allergic to pure substances: tears, seawater, silver, gold, salt and virgin’s blood. Such things can seal them from a location or even cause them harm.

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