Shadowed Treasury

The Shield-bearer

Coiner of the Hidden Vaults

Chosen of Battles
Reincarnation of Inward Blooming Lotus

Born as Sen in the southernmost parts of Paragon's territory, this young grew up as a part of a crew of scavengers in service to the Perfect.
However, when a expedition went terribly wrong, Sen was left for death as his legs were crushed beneath a ancient statue that had been toppled to get to the artifact.
As the will of the Perfect was far more important, the loyalty of Sen bade him to send away his fellows to deliver the artifact to their Beloved Leader.
And Sen, Son of Hayek, was content to die for Paragon's Glory.

But, at that moment, an ancient exile drew his last breath.
And Sen took his Second Breath.
The bonds of sorcery that held his mind enthralled were shattered in that very moment, and in his realization of the futility of such pain, the young Shield-bearer shattered the pattern of the statue before him.
Angry, though crippled, Sen fought his way to the surface, against ravenous beasts and things even worse, to find his own crew dead by the order of a dissatisfied Perfect.
Yet, before he could succumb to the sorrow, a young woman found him, and told him of his Destiny as one of the Chosen of the Maidens.

Since then, Shadowed Treasury has been training.
His damaged legs and spine are supported by a set of starmetal braces, that grants him full function in his daily life. However, when he sits or when he is demanded to go into proper battle with other essence-users, the braces unfold into a chair with eight arachnid metal legs to drive him forward.

Shield of Mars
1m, Instant, Reflexive
The Sidereal may include a Full Defense action (Exalted pg. 196) in a flurry without the initiative or defense penalty. If she has a weapon with the 'Shield' tag, then she may also include an attack action in this flurry.

Impeding the Flow
3m,1i, Reflexive, Perilous, Instant
The Sidereal knows the approach of the arrow before the archer has drawn it; they have followed the fall of the blade before the swordsman has begun the swing.
She may parry any attack which may be parried; she cannot parry attacks which are unblockable, which have no physical component, or events of uncountable or recurring damage. After each use of Impeding the Flow, the cost to use it again in the same scene increases by 1 mote and 1 initiative. So, the second use costs 4 motes and 2 initiative; the third costs 5 motes and 3 initiative, and so on.
Using Impeding the Flow to block a decisive attack costs an additional 1 temporary willpower point.

Hero Supporting Performance
By spending a temporary willpower point, the Sidereal may use any number of instant duration Melee charms to enhance an ally's attack or defense whom she can see.

Harmony of Blows
7m, Simple, Decisive-only, Perilous, Instant
When the Sidereal uses Harmony of Blows, she divides her initiative evenly between up to two targets, and makes a decisive attack against each. The attacks may be made with different abilities, as long as both targets are legal and the Sidereal could take a Ready Weapon action to equip an appropriate armament. If the attacks are made with the same ability, any charms which enhance one attack enhance both.


  • White Reaper Style - Master
  • Obsidian Shards of Infinity
  • The Student’s Sutra of Reflection: Once, there was a thoughtful maiden…
    • Black Shards Fall Like Ice
      • 3m, Supplemental, Dual, Instant
      • …who broke her mirror, and dropped the pieces to the ground.
      • Reality is glass; shatter it. Taking the first step on the path to enlightenment, the martial artist breaks the illusory facade that is the world - quite literally; her blows are accompanied by ‘cracks’ in the air, as if it were glass, and mirror-like shards of slicing air fly along with his motions, duplicating every blow a hundredfold.
      • This Charm enhances an unarmed attack, preventing the onslaught penalty to the target’s Defense from fading on his next turn. This effect is cumulative, so that the target may only end these penalties by not being attacked in the first place for one turn.
      • In addition, the character’s onslaught penalty now also applies to his withering soak, as well as to any disengage roll. This Charm only affects onslaught penalties inflicted by the martial artist, not to those arising from other characters or circumstances.
    • Ripple in the Silvered Glass
    • 5m, 1WP, Reflexive, Perilous, Instant
    • She thought to repair it, but was arrested by the sight of the scattered shards,
    • Meeting her foe head on, the martial artist opens her palm, and her foe strikes only his own reflection, which looks surprised for one moment - before shattering.
      • After an attack against her is rolled, the martial artist may roll (Initiative + opponent’s onslaught penalty). Each success on the roll negates one success on the opponent’s attack roll. If the reduced attack does not meet the user’s defense, the attack fails.
      • If all successes are cancelled and the opponent rolled any 1s, the shattering of his reflection causes backlash within the opponent, and he is considered to have botched - the Storyteller adjudicating the consequences of such an effect (dropping one’s weapon or falling prone are appropriate effects).
      • After using this Charm, the user resets to base Initiative and reappears anywhere within close to short range.
      • If the attack was successfully avoided, the user immediately steals an amount of success from her opponent equal to his onslaught penalty, adding them to her base Initiative.
    • Reaching Through The Mirror
    • 6m, 2i; Supplemental, Uniform, Perilous, Sutra, Instant
    • which showed so many visions of her face.
    • With one gesture of her off-hand, the martial artist summons her opponent’s reflection, so that every reflective surface around him shows him regardless of angle; with a gesture of her main hand she then strikes through that reflection - and hits true in spite of distance.
      • This Charm enhances an attack, expanding its range. Provided the martial artist has a reflective surface close to her, she may strike an opponent up to short range, or medium range if this attack is also enhanced with Black Shards Fall Like Ice.
      • Such an attack ignores cover. This attack may be a grapple gambit; in which case, if it is successful, the user pulls her opponent out of his own reflection, bringing him into close range.
      • Sutra: A Sidereal may use this Charm to peer through a reflective surface and see through any other reflective surface within long range; if she can catch sight of a target in this way, she may take one aim action, then use this Charm again on her next action to strike through the surface - this is a surprise attack (and an ambush, unless the victim knows to beware of his own reflection) that can reach up to long range, and which does not break stealth. This effect may only be used once per scene.
    • Shattering the Balance -
      • 6m, Simple, Decisive-Only, One Scene
      • She put the pieces back together at all the wrong angles,
      • Having mastered the art of striking with a reflection and through a reflection, the martial artist can blur the line between image and reality; with the next step on her path she learns how to strike that very line, shattering it so that the two may blend.
      • This Charm is a special gambit with a difficulty of 5. If it is successful, the user’s target sees his perception of the real shatter like glass; everything he sees is distorted, appearing in duplicates or in fragmented and displaced images.
      • The more pressure his opponent puts on him, the more his vision breaks down. As long as he is under this effect, the victim suffers a penalty to all actions equal to his onslaught penalty, to a limit of the user’s Essence or 3, whichever is greater.


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