Tall Tales about Josei Six-Fingers

Josei is a mortal, but he's also a Merchant Prince of the Guild.
He made his fortune as a scavenger lord, and while he can't teach you sorcery or martial arts or ancient history, he CAN teach you how to jury-rig ancient weapons, survive in ridiculously hostile environments, cheat when you don't have good cards, and use the amazing power of bluffing to get rid of opposition from deadly foes.

This is the sort of mentor who will definitely take advantage of you.
He's a good questgiver ("I just got a map to some fantastic treasure. If you give me a thirty percent cut, I'll give you the map,") a good source of larceny and Guild style plots ("I found a skyship but it's no good without a power supply. Steal one from Lookshy for me?" or "This other Guild Prince has hired some bandits to interfere with my caravans in the south and cut into my market share. You guys wanna take care of that?"), and while he's a profit-focused scheming bastard, he's also got a bit of a paternal side, and treats those in his employ like his own children (which means lavish gifts, lots of unwanted and not-that-great romantic and lifestyle advice, and occasionally throwing them into terrible trouble just to teach them how to get out of troble on their own "when I'm not around anymore").
Josei is a great way to bail PCs out if they get themselves in over their head: he has lots of shady connections, and he can and will buy you back from a Deathlord right before you're thrown in a Monstrance, if he likes you enough.
Expect him to make you pay back the favor, of course.
The best way to play Josei, though, is to do that for a while until the PCs love and depend on adorable old rogue, and then have appear to sell you out.
Josei will totally drug your food and sell you to the Mask of Winters…as long as he's convinced that doing so will make enough trouble for the Mask of Winters.

The merchant prince Josei Six-Fingers was not the first person in Creation to master the sword. Nor is he the first person in Creation to lose his sword hand.
He's not the first swordmaster to lose his hand, and he's not even the first swordmaster with a missing hand to replace his missing hand with a sword.

He is, however, the first man who hired a locksmith to create a cunning plug-and-lock device which enables him to easily and rapidly switch between prosthetic hands suitable for different purposes. He wears a bandolier and a belt, and hanging from each are appendages suited to a variety of purposes: he keeps a sword blade at his side, a brace of single-shot firewands custom fitted for use with his prosthesis, a spoon, an eating knife, a hammer, and a magnifying glass.
He can switch between these implements simply by plugging the shaft of any of them into the socket of his prosthesis, and he's now looking to mass produce the design and makes a business out of giving flexibility back to cripples the world over.
He is currently trying to get an appointment with Dynast known as the Slug, as he needs some backing.

Josei's also the first person to try and sell the advice of the Golden Asp to others instead of using it himself, the first person to lose to a certain demon prince at Gateway and keep his soul, and the first person to turn down a position as a Guild Heirarch for love.

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